Post Lofts

Post Lofts

Post Lofts are housed in a beautifully restored historic building in downtown Lincoln. The residences are situated directly above the past home of the well-known local store, Post & Nickel, which inspired the loft’s name. The Post & Nickel first opened as a men’s clothing store called the Hitchin’ Post in 1966 and was so successful, that just two years later, the owners opened The Wooden Nickel, which offered women’s clothing. 


Over the course of half a century, the store became a beloved Nebraska establishment, growing into one of Lincoln’s most respected local retailers. Before its closing in 2018, the family-owned business provided high-quality clothing and shoes to Lincoln’s residents and visitors for 52 years. Many Nebraska residents still reminisce about purchasing their first designer bell bottoms or sophomore prom dress there.


Before the opening of the Post & Nickel, the building was home to the Diamond Bar & Grill, a community gathering place. The Post Lofts honor and incorporate the nostalgia of the building’s past, highlighting its beautiful architecture while making way for a bright future.


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